Sunday, October 24, 2010

A small letter to Micah

Dear Micah,
There is so much I have to say to you my sweet baby, but I will keep it short. You are so important to us and we all wanted so badly to have you here with us. We are so blessed to have had you here with us for the short time that we did. There was great joy in our house when we learned that you were growing in my tummy and there was great sorrow in our house when we learned that you had gone home to be with Jesus. We all have so many things we wanted to do with you, but never will. You are our seventh child and always will be. We will always love you and will forever miss you. We await the time that we are called home and can be with you again. What a sweet day that will be. Until then please know that Mommy, Daddy, Shelby, Emily, Jacob, Annabelle, Faith and Isaac love you very much!

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