**No new requests are being taken at this time due to a plumbing leak that destroyed Micah's grass. Please still feel free to share your precious child with me. I would love to get to know them through your stories and through their pictures if you have any. I will let you all know when I am able to open requests again. I am so very sorry for your loss.**

Thank you for visiting Micah's Gift. I am so sorry that you are here because it means that your precious child is an angel too. I would like to get to know all of your angels and do something special in their memory in honor of our angel Micah Quinn. I would like to write their name on a blade of grass and take a beautiful photo of it. We have a patch of grass at our house that is wild and is never cut. This is the perfect place for our angels' names because the grass continues to grow with their names still on it. This is perfect for me because I wanted so badly for Micah to continue to grow. So I have decided that these are Micah's blades of grass and a place where all of our angels can "grow". This is Micah's gift to all of us. I would love to make you a photo of your precious angel "growing" on one of Micah's blades of wild grass. Please email me at with your angel's name, any dates you would like included and your blog address. I only ask for your blog address so that I can get to know your angel and link your angel's photo back to you. It is completely optional. You can give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. If you have more than one angel please include them all and I will give you photos of each. All photos will be sent as attachments from my AOL email address so that you can have them in their original size. They will also be posted on this blog so be sure to check back.

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