Sunday, September 19, 2010

A gift from my sweet Annabelle

After watching her mommy write today's angel names my six year old daughter did the sweetest thing. My Annabelle Grace got a pen and a paper and started writing the angels' names down. She looked through each photo and made sure she spelled each name correctly. She wanted to know each one's story. I told her all that I knew of each angel. She said "That isn't fair! They didn't even get the chance to live!" How true, baby girl, how true. Then she showed such grown up love and told me "But they are alive Mommy. They live in Heaven where they can never get sick or hurt or be sad. They are with God and He takes care of them!" That is the best truth I have heard yet! I already knew that, but there is something so special when it comes from the heart of a child. Something so innocent, so pure and so true. Thank you baby girl for thinking of all of our angels today.


  1. Awww this just gave me chills. She is THE sweetest little girl for saying such beautiful things and thinking of our angels. Tell her I said "thank you with ALL my heart. I LOVE seeing my baby girl's name." :)

    She's such a sweetheart! <3